Every now and then someone may ask themselves how much their vehicle is worth as scrap. It’s not uncommon to ponder whether or not you are being ripped off by a salvage yard when you get a cash quote from them. Most people don’t actually go about selling their car to a salvage yard. Instead they sell an old car privately before well before it reaches junk car status. This results in them being a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to placing a value on their junk car, do you know where to get the free online car valuation?

There are no significant resources to help find out either. Here are some ways to get around this problem.


Don’t Wait or Procrastinate

If you procrastinate you will find that your junk machine will become even less valuable as time goes on. The parts of the junk automobile in question don’t have an infinite life span. Even though the vehicle isn’t running. The lack of wear and tear doesn’t mean the parts will be fine. The parts will deteriorate, and the parts that are the most valuable will deteriorate the fastest.

The fact that the vehicle isn’t running means that the deterioration actually occurs faster. Rust will attack and spread at a rate that will leave your head spinning. The rubber parts will get brittle with age, such as the tyres, belts, hoses and gaskets. The seats will crack and the water in the air will get absorbed into the petrol. If wildlife manages to invade the automobile then it will further the deterioration, for example, rodents eating away at the electronics.

Look at RedBook for a baseline value to start at

Getting on the internet is a fairly simple task. The redbook will be a great resource for you to find out how much your car would cost. If it wasn’t in such bad condition. Look at how much your car would be worth brand new and deduct the value via how much it would cost to make your own vehicle like brand new again. Then take more money off due to normal devaluation due to time.

Don’t just have it scrapped

Scrap auto prices are a lot lower than the amount of money that you can get for salvaging a vehicle. The difference is the fact that when scrapping the only thing that is taken into account is the weight of the scrap metal. Whereas salvaging the car will be looking at all the different components and parts on the vehicle, used car parts will get you a lot more money.

The Scrap Metal Weight Should Only Be a Last Resort

If there are no components worth anything because they are all ruined, you can then consider selling as scrap metal. This won’t be hard because of the fact that cars are made up mostly of steel. You should be able to make up to $300 for your junk vehicle if scrap metal is valued at $150 per tonne.

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