When the old car is no longer road worthy and it has reached a point where it will cost too much money to get it up and running again, you can be thankful for the existence of the humble vehicle wreckers. This is true regardless of why the vehicle is no longer worthy of road usage. It may just be a victim of the ravages of time, or it may have been in an accident. Either way the auto wreckers will be there for you.

The reason for this is simple: Auto wreckers wreck cars for a living. They know cars inside and out, and they are always on the lookout for more cars to wreck. So much so that they pay cash for them, and they are famous for paying a reasonable amount.


Reasons for utilizing the expertise of Auto wrecking services are as follows:

Car DE valuation

The vehicle in your garage loses value the longer it sits there doing nothing. This is due to a number of reasons. One is rust and corrosion. When things get old the material that they are made up of deteriorates. The other reason is the fact that new and better cars are being made all the time. All of this adds up to the fact that the quicker you put your junk vehicle out of its misery by way of an auto wrecker company, the more cash you are likely to get for it.

Environmental concerns

Car wreckers are the environmentally friendly solution to the problem of vehicle disposal. In a process called auto recycling, all the materials in the vehicle are recycled. All the plastic, metal and rubber. This is, of course, after all the re-usable components are removed so they can be sold as spare parts. The alternative is to leave it in a junk yard to rot, which will result in the leaching of toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment.

Cold hard cash

They pay cash for the vehicle, so you get something in your pocket. What a great incentive for doing the right thing by the planet. And it’s only right that you get some money, after all, the auto wrecking company are going to be making money out of the vehicle themselves. The amount of money depends on the weight of the vehicle and the estimated amount of damage and re-usable components in the automobile.

Free Junk Auto removal

As well as the above reasons to get the services of a vehicle wrecking company, there is same day auto removal. If your auto is completely unfit for the road, no-one will hold it against you if you decide that you can’t drive it to the car wreckers. But never fear, because they are usually more than willing to take the vehicle off your hands themselves, free of charge.

The process itself is simple. Just contact them via their web page or call them and provide all the details of the vehicle. Then they will come to your place and take the vehicle, leaving money in the hand!

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