Most Expensive Car Repair Problems

Posted On: August 3, 2018


Car problems can crop up at anytime and anywhere regardless of well-kept and maintained it is. However, sometimes it can be very complicated to predict an emerging problem in an automobile. The experts in automotive industry always advise to maintain and service their vehicles on regular basis.

It is indeed very helpful in avoiding uncertain car problems. But when it becomes very expensive to repair your automobile it is better to junk it off. You must consider selling it to your nearby top cash for car removals service.

However, before you decide to get rid of your junk car you must know if you can afford to fix it. Here we have given some common and most expensive car repair problems that will tell you if it is worth worrying.

Blown engine

Having a vehicle with blown engine is probably the worst car owner an owner can experience. This is a very common issue experienced by many vehicle owners. It basically means that your automobile’s engine is significantly damaged from inside. Even damaged valves, leaking oil or broken rods can lead to engine failure. Vehicles that have covered more than 150,000 miles.

If you consider to get the damaged fixed or replacement you will need huge bucks. It will cost you in thousands to get a complete engine replaced.

Though it can change according to your automobile make, model and the auto repair shop you select. In most cases, engine failure can make the condition terribly poor. As you will also need replacement for other important components such as radiator, power steering and transmission. In most cases it is often wise to sell such automobiles and buy a new one.

Transmission problem

This is another huge trouble that many auto owners experience at some point of time. Transmission failure can damage an automobile almost as bad as an engine damage. And the worst thing is that owners often forget to check the levels of transmission fluid. As it is subjected to show signs of automatic transmission failure.

Transmission wear is usually the result of overheating of transmission fluid. Sometimes people ride the clutch when driving the vehicle which also contributes to transmission damage. Repairing a transmission can normally cost you over $1000 while getting a new one can cost up to $2000 – $3500.

Blown head gasket

The Head gasket is a critical part for the efficient working of the motor. When you have a blown head gasket, you may need to visit the local auto body shape frequently. You should be however prepared to meet various problems with your vehicles motor, when the head gasket blows.

Some common problems are overheated engine and coolant leaks. If you observe while smoke emissions or discoloured oil coming out from the exhaust. It indicates a damaged head gasket. As it is a very crucial part for proper functioning of automobiles it will be very costly to fix it. You may need to pay up to $1600 to the technician to get the engine head gasket working.

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