How to make cash by scrapping or selling an old car?

Posted On: August 12, 2016

Don’t worry if your vehicle is now only valuable as scrap material. This will pose no barrier to selling it. And the people buying it off you will remove it for free.

This is why many people refer to them as auto removal companies. But the name makes it sound like they are a service one hires to remove an unwanted car. The name that truly describes them is Cash for Cars Company. They are fast becoming the go-to choice of folks who want to dispose of their old has-been rides, while making a fast buck at the same time. What follows is a guide that will help you learn what kind of money you can expect to make from your junk vehicle.



The amount of companies who provide scrap vehicle removal services in any one area, such as Auckland, means that you’ll have no trouble finding one online via a simple google search. It is a great idea to contact three or four of them for quotes on your vehicle. Be sure to provide accurate info on the sad state of the car.

Cars still have value even after death

Junk vehicles are prospective treasure troves of valuable material. The juiciest of which are the individual components that still work, otherwise known as auto spare parts. They can be cleaned up and re-used in vehicles that are still roadworthy. This is where most of the money is made in the cash for the car business model.

But even if every part is un-usable the vehicle is still made up of materials that can be sold to companies that deal in scrap. This includes scrap metal, rubber, plastics and so forth. This is usually valued using the weight of the scrap. All of this means that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what condition the automobile is in, it can still be sold for cash.

Don’t delay, act today

The longer you leave it, the worse it will get. Rust will corrode the components. The march of time will render the parts in the vehicle useless if left long enough. You can still get cash for it, but it won’t be as much. Procrastination is the number one problem facing bank accounts today. Don’t let value depreciation affect your ability to make some sweet cash. The Auto recyclers are waiting for your call.

Think green

Litter is bad for the environment. Junk cars a giant piece of litter. They are not biodegradable. They aren’t easily broken down by bacteria. In fact, there are plenty of toxic materials that make up the average vehicle. And these elements won’t just be found in the auto battery, even though that is a major problem. There are also plenty of other plastic materials in the average automobile that will leach chemicals into the environment, not to mention the liquids that are still present inside the vehicle.

If any of this concerns you, cash for cars business (also sometimes called “auto wreckers”), are the best option for getting to sleep at night with a clear conscious.

So make no mistake, if you have a junk vehicle, not only can you sell it, you are morally obliged to do so. So what are you waiting for? Contact your local cash for cars firm today!

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