What to Look for When Buying Used Car Parts in Auckland

Posted On: April 1, 2017

Have you had your car for a while? At least a few years or more? The longer you own your vehicle the more likely it is that it will start having problems. This is almost always due to wear and tear, and is just a fact of life. If you have had your vehicle for ten years and you still haven’t had any major break downs or maintenance issues, you have one lucky car.

When the automobile that gets you so reliably from A to B does finally require some serious fixing. The price tag attached to this undertaking won’t be small. This is probably the main factor behind the growing popularity of used car parts. They aren’t so hard to locate, they are a lot more affordable, and they are just as good as brand new parts, providing that they are in good condition.


Here are some handy hints that will hopefully help you in your quest for affordable second hand parts to buy.

Know Which Part You Want

The ease at which you can find the part that you require will depend on which part on your car it is, but generally speaking it isn’t hard. Contact your local Auckland Car Wreckers and ask them whether they have the part that your search has centred on. If the part you require is needed to fix a vehicle that belongs to one of the more ordinary and generic auto makes, like Toyota, you will probably find it. And you won’t have to give up eating food for a week either.

How important is the part?

If you don’t replace the part in question, will your car fall apart comically? Is it that central to the running of the vehicle that you won’t be doing any driving until it is found? If you can get by for a little while longer. You can spend a little more time to find the correct part if need be.

How bad is the Damage?

There are problems that cause a kind of chain reaction, where a part gets damage and the damage ends up screwing up other parts around it. Or, it can be benign and you will only need to replace one component. If you are particularly jinxed, the bad part might affect the entire system. Making the price tag associated with repairs skyrocket. This is important to know, as you know that if the damage is limited to one part you may as well get a used one. If you need to get more, it will be cheaper to get a bunch of used parts.

Are You Able to Do the Repair Yourself?

If you want to do the repairs yourself you will need to find a way to transport the part to your house to get the job done there. This will require a transportation device other than your car. As it is stuck in your garage due to the very thing that you are trying to fix. So it is always a good idea to sort out a way to get it to your place. Good luck in your car fixing endeavours!

Finally, if you are looking for the part for your vehicle. You need to meet the leading Japanese, European and American second hand car parts supplier in Auckland.

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