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Posted On: January 14, 2014

Once our vehicle gets older, we have only 2 options: either we have to be ready to face the maintenance expenses or sell the car on right time and look for the new one. If you have planned to go with the maintenance part, it’s really expensive to get the brand new company part so it’s better if you look for something working like new yet cheaper than a new one.

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In Car Wreckers Auckland, We have a different variety of used automobile parts. We have been selling reasonable parts for cars, vans, Utes and trucks.

We have been selling car parts for all the major brands like Toyota, Holden, Nissan, Ford, Subaru, Suzuki, Mazda, Mercedes and Hyundai.

We have been offering up to 30 days warranty for the auto parts, it depends on the age and condition of the part, please call us at 0800 CAR BUYER for more details. It’s always good if you could give us a call and let us know the type of pet you want so that one of our skilled staff members can have a look quickly to save our time. We provide mechanical support as well in case you want us to fit the part into your vehicle.

Generally We have been offering usable reasonable auto parts but most of times we should be able to provide you brand new parts as well, it’s all depend on the availability of the accessories. Our accessories are not limited to:

Bumpers, Headlights, Manual gearboxes and Automatic transmissions, differentials and whole steering boxes.

Get more detailed information about Second Hand Car Parts.

Check out the video below, it displays you the process on how we deal with our customers and sell usable parts.

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