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Posted On: June 22, 2018


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Getting rid of an old junk car used to be a very difficult task. That cannot be said to be the case anymore. And who do we have to thank? Car wrecking and recycling yards. The whole auto recycling industry has made it their mission to streamline the whole process so normal folk can sell their junk cars at the drop of a hat if need be. However, misconceptions about junk vehicles still exist and make the rounds among the general public. Here are five of them.

Junk and Scrap Vehicles are Worthless

It is normal and understandable to believe that a car that has reached the end of its life is no longer worth any money at all. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth if it tried. Reality would like to tell a different story. A story of still-valuable car parts and materials such as steel.

Sure, a car that has sustained irreparable damage will not be worth the same as it was when it was running. It will be worth quite a lot less. But it can still get a tidy sum of cash when sold to the local auto recycling yard. We should be so appreciative to the companies like www.cashforcarsvic.com.au who pay decent money for dead cars. There is bound to be at least a few parts on it that are re-usable.

Repairing a Junk Car Is Better Than Selling It

If your automobile has taken on such a severe amount of disrepair that the cost of fixing it would outweigh its value, you must sell it. Don’t get those repairs done, as you are just throwing money away at that point. And by selling it you will be making some cash to go toward buying a replacement automobile.

If it just so happens that you have the same skills and expertise as a mechanic and you can easily make the repairs yourself for free, all you will be spending is time. In this situation, it really is up to you. But that car will be much more likely to have problems in the future now. You are still better off to sell to the local recyclers.

Once a Vehicle is Out of Commission it can’t harm the Environment

Unfortunately, a vehicle that has died will still have toxic materials in them that can and do leak out. When they leak, if it is onto concrete, the rain will eventually wash it into the soil. From there it will sink into the ground water and make its way into the general environment.

These substances include such fluids as brake fluid, engine oil and anti-freeze. And they harm wildlife as well as plant-life. Your local auto wrecking company will either recycle them or dispose of them carefully so they don’t cause any more harm.

It is Impossible to Sell a Junk Car

Again, no. This is not true at all. It may have been the case once, but now we have a thriving recycling industry full of companies that buy junk cars. If you have a scrap vehicle, you will not find it in any way hard to sell it for good money.

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